Tomatoes Tips

No summer salad is complete without a juicy home-grown tomato picked fresh from the vine. Tomatoes are easy to grow if you get your planting time right and feed correctly. Expect to pick your first ripe fruits from the end of July.

Soil & Position

A rich soil improved with organic matter and some fertiliser such as Gro Your Own Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food is ideal, especially if it is a warm sunny spot in front of a south-facing wall or fence.
Alternatively you can grow tomatoes in a Gro Your Own Fruit & Vegetable Planter or Tomorite Giant Planter with Seaweed positioned on a sunny patio or balcony. Gardeners get great results from a Tomorite Giant Planter because the compost is carefully blended and enriched with nutrients to encourage strong early growth ready for maximum cropping.


There are three different types of tomatoes to choose from. ‘Cordon’ varieties are grown as a single stem that needs support and the side shoots regularly removed. ‘Bush’ varieties need no training, support or stopping. ‘Trailing’ types don’t need support or training and are good for tumbling from patio pots and hanging baskets.

Seeds or Plants

You can grow your own plants from seed by sowing indoors in trays of Gro Your Own Seed & Cutting Compost. Sow the seed in April and you will have seedling plants ready for planting outside at the end of May or beginning of June. Alternatively wait until May and buy ready grown seedlings.

Plant out all plants early in June or end of May if night temperatures are warm. Plant into garden soil 60cm apart or 3 to each Giant Planter as soon as frosts have finished. Tumbling varieties do well in patio pots or hanging baskets filled with Moisture Control Compost.


Start feeding all plants with Tomorite Liquid Concentrate after the first truss has set fruit and repeat at 14 day intervals. This plant food contains balanced nutrients, magnesium and seaweed extract to ensure good colour and full taste. Whitefly are the most serious pest problem. If your plants are attacked spray them with BugClear Ultra Gun! or BugClear Gun! for Fruit & Veg every 10 days.

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