We stock a wide range of plants, from indoor plants suitable for the home or conservatory to outdoor plants from small rockery plants and heathers to large conifers costing several hundred pounds. In season, we have a range of aquatic plants suitable for the pond.

Garden Wise has it’s own nursery glasshouses where we grow almost all the bedding plants that are on sale. Because everyone who works in the plant area are plant enthusiasts we always have a superb selection of healthy plants. The staff treat the plants like family and can often be heard talking to the plants.

Bulbs & Seeds

Garden Wise stocks the complete range of pictorial packets from Thompson & Morgan plus a range from Suttons seeds and now a superb range from Mr Fothergills.

Depending on the season there is also a range of Onion sets, shallots and seed potatoes. Again depending on the season a massive range of bulbs and corns.

Potting Compost

Multipurpose or specialist composts are available in the covered compost area. Customers do not even need to lift any bags as once the compost is paid for cars can be taken to the collection point and staff will put the compost in the car boot for you.

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